Germany, Vlotho - Workshop attended by Mrs. Bina Ghosh

Mrs. Bina Ghosh attended a two week German Teachers' workshop.  She had the privilege to attend as part of a scholarship received by PAD  (Pädagogische Austausch Dienst) Germany. The workshop is being held between 20.10.19 to 2.11.19 in Vlotho, Germany.

The Bonn Exchange Program Conference, 2019

A conference held in Bonn regarding exchange programs taking place between Germany and India.  MHS were invited to attend this conference and our work was appreciated. 

Erfindenker Concert

The middle school Deutschind Club girls took part in Erfindenker Concert which took place in Max Mueller Bhavan.

Nepal Youth Camp 2019

On 16th June, 2019, three of us accompanied by Ms. Sagarika Chatterjee from Max Mueller Bhavan travelled to Nepal for a Youth Camp organised by Pasch. We were staying at Godavari Village Resort in Lalitpur. It was a tiring day of travel but it was all made worth it when we saw the resort.

Since the theme of the camp was 'Miteinander Leben' which means 'Living Together', participants from all over Asia attended the camp. The countries that attended the camp included - Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Iran and of course, India. Three people shared a room and we were mix-matched with participants from other countries.

We were given a choice between five workshops namely- Dance, City Planning, Creative Writing, Recycling and Theatre. Specialists from different countries were invited to conduct each of these workshops. A cultural program - "Confusion"  was organised where we learnt about different cultures of the people living in different countries.

Each day consisted of yoga or sports in the morning, workshops all afternoon and dance parties every night. We had an excursion to the National Museum of Nepal and the Swayambhunath Stupa or the Monkey Temple. 

The seven days that we spent in Nepal were possibly the best days of our lives. From crying because we wanted to go home to shedding tears because we didn't want to leave. From performing a live Queen concert for the other participants to walking in slow motion for ten minutes. From complaining about the million stairs we had to climb to racing up the same steps on the last day, this camp has given us memories for a lifetime.

We would like to thank Max Mueller Bhavan and our school for this opportunity to go for this camp and explore different cultures. We would also like to thank our teachers Mrs. A. Chatterjee, Mrs. B. Ghosh and Mrs. A. Mitra for supporting and handling us throughout the trip. We are also grateful to Yukta Raj for making this camp a memorable one.

Aishaani Chaturvedi - XC

Rwiti Chakrabarty - XB

Manvi Barasia - XA

Kuckucksuhr  / Cuckoo's clock

The members of the Deutschind club recently made a Kuckucksuhr / Cuckoo's clock. A cuckoo clock is typically a pendulum-regulated clock. It is said to be made in the Black Forest area in southwestern Germany (State of Baden-Württemberg), the region where the cuckoo clock was popularized. It is one of the favourite souvenirs of travelers in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, and has become a cultural icon of Germany.

Sankt Peter Ording Sprachkurs 2019

An der Nordseeküste 

The month of May ‘ 2019 will be remembered by us for a very long time . Thanks to a Pasch scholarship , the three of us , Eira Shah , Nandika Kejriwal and Naomi Mogrelia got the opportunity to attend an intensive German language study course in the north of Germany at Saint Peter Ording. 

Our contingent was greeted by 7 wonderful volunteers , 2 course managers and a student intern , full of joy and curiosity.

45 students from 3 different countries , Thailand , Philippines and India arrived at the scenic and beautiful Saint Peter Ording on Sunday , the 5th of May ,2019.

In these unforgettable 3 weeks we had daily lessons , exams , a music and video project , trips to Hamburg and Tönning , a visit to the University of Kiel , various creative leisure activities like mask making , yoga , postcard making to name a few. Adventure sports like go karting and tree gliding were some further enriching experiences. Several parties , an international evening where each state presented its own song , dance or play was part of our programme. The volunteers had organised several trips to national parks , museums , beaches and a lighthouse in the vicinity of the campus. 

We were shown two German movies followed by discussions regarding them . Classes were often followed by several sports like basketball , football , volleyball , table tennis , lawn tennis and badminton which helped us make friends and build on our sportsmanship .

The three of us successfully completed our B1 examination at the end of the course . 

The friends and volunteers made a huge impact in all our lives with their charming personalities and the several memories they embedded in our hearts forever . 

We bid them adieu with heavy hearts and tear filled eyes on the 25th of May . 

We would like to thank Pasch for this wonderful opportunity . We would also like to extend our gratitude to our principal , Mrs. Mukherjee and german teachers , Mrs. Chatterjee and Mrs. Ghosh for their continued support . 

Moin Moin!

An der Nordseeküste

Mai 2019: Dieser Monat wird uns noch lange in Erinnerung bleiben. Dank eines Pasch-Stipendiums hatten wir drei, Eira Shah, Nandika Kejriwal und Naomi Mogrelia, die Möglichkeit, nach Norddeutschland in St. Peter-Ording zu fahren, um Deutsch zu lernen. 45 Studenten aus 3 verschiedenen Ländern, Thailand, den Philippinen und Indien, erreichten am Sonntag, dem 5. Mai 2019, den malerischen und wunderschönen St. Peter Ording. Unsere Gruppe wurde von 7 wunderbaren Freiwilligen, 2 Kursmanagern und einem Praktikanten begrüßt.

In diesen unvergesslichen 3 Wochen hatten wir täglich Unterricht, Prüfungen, ein Musik- und Videoprojekt, Ausflüge nach Hamburg und Tönning, einen Besuch an der Universität Kiel, verschiedene kreative Freizeitaktivitäten wie Maskenbasteln, Yoga, Postkartenbasteln um nur einige zu nennen. Abenteuersportarten wie Go-Kart und Baumfliegen waren weitere bereichernde Erlebnisse. Mehrere Partys, ein internationaler Abend, an dem jeder Staat sein eigenes Lied, Tanz oder Theaterstück präsentierte, standen auf dem Programm. Die Freiwilligen hatten mehrere Ausflüge zu Nationalparks, Museen, Stränden und einem Leuchtturm in der Nähe des Campus organisiert.

Wir haben zwei deutsche Filme gesehen, gefolgt von Diskussionen darüber. Auf den Unterricht folgten oft verschiedene Sportarten wie Basketball, Fußball, Volleyball, Tischtennis, Rasentennis und Badminton, die uns dabei halfen, Freunde zu finden und unser sportliches Können auszubauen. Wir haben unsere B1-Prüfung auch nach einigen Übungstests und Kursen abgelegt.

Die Lehrer und Freiwilligen mit ihren charmanten Persönlichkeiten und enormen Anstrengungen haben uns während des gesamten Lagers so viel beigebracht.Wir haben so viele Freunde gefunden, so viele Erinnerungen und diese Tage werden von uns nie vergessen. SPO 2019 wird für immer in unseren Herzen bleiben.

Wir verabschieden uns am 25. Mai mit schweren Herzen und tränenreichen Augen.

Wir möchten Pasch für diese wundervolle Gelegenheit danken. Wir möchten auch unserer Schulleiterin, Frau Mukherjee und den Deutschlehrern, Frau Chatterjee und Frau Ghosh, für ihre fortgesetzte Unterstützung danken.

Inter cultural workshop at MMB

Our exchange programme group is ready to fly to Germany this week. To facilitate the exchange project, an inter cultural workshop was held at Max Mueller Bhavan which was conducted by Ms. Anita Mitra. It was an enriching and enjoyable session. 

German Youth Camp to Germany, St. Peter Ording

Eira Shah, Naomi Mogrelia of class 11 and Nandika Kejriwal of class 10 have received scholarship from Goethe Institute and they are travelling for a German Youth Camp to Germany, St. Peter Ording. 

They are being accompanied by Sarika Dhir, one of the German Teachers of MHS, who is also traveling to Hamburg for a language course on a scholarship .

Dance Workshop for Treffpunkt

A preparatory dance workshop was organised for Treffpunkt, the inter school German fest hosted by MHS, on 29th September. The main event is scheduled to take place on 5th December, 2018. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Snigdha Mishra, a trained Kathak dancer and the German Teacher of The New Town School. 


The Representatives' Meeting

The Representatives' Meeting for Treffpunkt, the inter-school German Fest hosted by MHS, took place in our school on 29th September, 2018. The main is scheduled to take place on 5th December,  2018. 

Press Release

Date: 03.09.2018

Competition to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of PASCH

PASCH- Partner schools for the Future                             

 Winner: Modern High School for Girls

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of PASCH Program in 2018 the German Consulate General Kolkata announced a competition among PASCH schools in Kolkata to teach German language and culture in an interactive and innovative way! Each PASCH-school had to develop a concept to teach German language and culture to students of a school that does not offer German as a Foreign language. The most important rule of the competition is BOTH TEACHERS AND STUDENTS MUST HAVE FUN! 

PASCH stands for the "Schools: Partners for the Future". The aim of PASCH is to create and strengthen a global network of partner schools with special links to Germany. At present it is a global network of some 1,800 schools. 

Being the winner, the Modern High School for Girls has received 1,96,943 INR as the Prize money.

Birla High School (Boys) and the Heritage School Kolkata have received respectively 78,777 INR and 39,389 INR for securing the second and the third positions.

The schools can spend their prize money for acquiring learning material, books, teaching materials, organizing (German) cultural events, etc. 

From the next week the Modern High School for Girls will start implementing its concept to teach German language and culture to students of South City International School, a school that does not offer German as a Foreign language.

The Deutschind club members wrote fairy tales with a twist in German and presented their stories using the Japanese Story telling technique, also known as Kamishibai.

It was 4:30 AM, our hearts were thumping with excitement as we reached the Kolkata airport and waited for the others to arrive.

Almost 10 hours later, we were warmly welcomed at the Park Exotica Resort at Udaipur, where we were introduced to the other participants from Delhi, Mumbai, Trivandrum, Nepal and Bangladesh.

There were a total of 60 students from across South East Asia and 11 teachers, four of whom were from Germany. Various activities like writing workshops and motion video making were planned for us through the six days. We went out for city excursions on two occasions. Cultural evening and Deutsch Mela were the attractions of this camp. This being the 10th year of the foundation of PASCH, a special party was organised for us. Each city/country presented a performance representing their culture on the cultural evening.

Back home and back to school, we have returned with a bag full of experiences, imperishable memories, and cherishable new friendships.

We are highly indebted to Max Müller Bhavan for offering this golden opportunity of attending this camp. The reminiscence and happening of the workshop shall be etched in the hearts and minds for a lifetime.

By :  Amisha Keshan - VIII A, Aayushi Gupta - VIII C, Kanika Chandak - VIII D, Niharika Bansal - VIII A

After winning the local.and national rounds, Yukta Raj (Class XII) and Mayukhi Ghosh (Class X) are on their way to Germany to attend the International German Olympiad Finals 2018 in Freiburg.   They are the only candidates representing India among 76 other countries.   All the best!

Yukta Raj and I, Upasana Ghosh were two of the five lucky students, accompanied by Mrs. Anita Mitra of Goethe Institute Max Mueller Bhavan, from Kolkata who got selected to attend a Youth Congress in Düsseldorf for one week in June. The conference was being organised by the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus in Düsseldorf, Germany. The 10 participants from Kolkata and Mumbai were given accommodation at The Lindner Congress Hotel from where we would take the bus or the Rheinbahn each day to go to the Junges Schauspiel where the conference was actually being held. There were also participants of German nationality from in and around Düsseldorf. On the first day we went to the city where we were introduced to all the participants, we played ice-breaking games and did a little sight-seeing. We also went up the Rheinturm which is 170 metres high and the tallest telecommunications tower in Düsseldorf.

There were three workshops that were being conducted and each participant chose one. Yukta chose the workshop “Future Music”- a music workshop- under the guidance of sound designer Marco Schretter. I chose the acting workshop conducted by the actor Kilian Ponert- “I”. The third workshop was “Mira” by theatre educator Laura Cadio. Every day we would attend our respective workshops for more than 5 hours with occasional coffee breaks, lunch and dinner. We were also very fortunate to listen to lectures being given on various topics such as “Correlations” by economist Sara Siakala, “Belonging” by sociologist and author Raffaela Then and “Engagement” by political scientist Bhakti Bhave from Mumbai. They spoke about the various problems being faced all over the world and told us how we as responsible citizens of the future can do our little bit in order to achieve a sustainable society. We were also made aware about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)- goals set by the United Nations in order to achieve sustainability by 2030.

We also watched a German play “Paradies” at the theatre and a Marathi play “Y” – performed by the Maharashtra Cultural Centre from Pune. Both these plays were similar as they dealt with sensitive topics such as terrorism. The German play was spectacular and the actors did a mind-blowing job. One of the best and most enjoyable experiences of the conference was the “Bollywood Party” that was held on Saturday night. We, the Indians, wore traditional Indian clothes that made all the Germans look at us in awe and admiration. We danced to familiar Bollywood tunes and also taught all our German friends typical Bollywood steps that they had seen in movies and this went on till late at night.

The last day was where each workshop had to present themselves to show what they had learnt in the previous three days. Families and relatives of the German participants were invited to the Theatre and the presentations were open to all. We all came together to put up great shows by our respective workshops and our hard work paid off as the performances were appreciated by all. The saddest thing was that those four wonderful days came to an end very soon. We were disappointed to say our goodbyes to everyone so soon. But, each one of us has made good friends who we will be in contact for a long time. The participants from Kolkata were lucky to have an extra day for shopping because our flight was later at night. We went to the city and bought chocolates and small souvenirs for our family and friends. I also met my pen-pal on the last day when she came over to meet me from Essen. I feel this was one of our most memorable experiences as we not only gained knowledge and information from the conference but also enjoyed ourselves and made long-lasting friendships. I would like to thank our teachers Mrs. Chatterjee and Mrs. Ghosh for giving us this opportunity to go to Germany and be a part of this wonderful experience. I would also like to thank Mrs. Anita Mitra for being with us at every step of the trip, looking after us and letting us enjoy ourselves to the fullest.  

SPO 2018

5th to 26th May 2018 – the most unforgettable days of our lives

We were very excited because our school had chosen us for a Youth Camp. On 5th May, we travelled to St. Peter Ording. There we found many participants who came from various countries, namely India, Thailand and the Phillipines. Initially, they were complete strangers, but now it is so difficult to think of life without them.

As we were in North Germany, the word “Moin” was enough to convey a hearty greeting. After an examination, we were divided into four classes. The funniest thing we did was the tongue-twister which we all learnt together. There was not a single minute of the classes which was boring. We played different games, conducted interviews and directed and compiled a music video, all to improve our German and have fun at the same time!

We went for many excursions to the Kiel University, Hamburg Art Gallery, Hansa Park and so many more. Of course, we did a massive shopping haul of clothes and souvenirs. And how can one forget the innumerous chocolates and gummybears! We enjoyed ourselves at the parties, which took place one a week. We were given the opportunity to participate in so many activities- climbing, cycling, swimming, arts and craft and Go Carting to name just a few. Our caretakers were extremely nice and helpful. The landscape, with the gentle banks and stretching salt marsh appeared to be a beautiful painting. The weather was perfect for us to sit at the beach till late, marvelling at the towering lighthouse and collecting colourful seashells.

Time flew so quickly and the camp was over in the blink of an eye! The bonding between all of us was so deep that not one lasted through the farewell party without tears in their eyes. Whenever I think about north Germany, the memories come flooding back like a river. After this course, we were richer in memories, friendships and of course, our German language skills. Although I travelled back to India, my soul still soars back to the North sea coast.

Mayukhi Ghosh(X B) and Sneha Das(X A)

Travelling to Germany for the exchange programme meant meeting our new German friends,having lots of fun with them, communicating more in German and getting to learn about the German culture. 13 of us along with our German teachers, Mrs. A. Chatterjee and Mrs. B. Ghosh  reached Duesseldorf airport on the 3rd May 2018. Our partners ,their families and the teachers welcomed us with flowers , balloons and lots of love. We drove with our host family to Gelsenkirchen and spent the rest of the day with them.

These fourteen days were one of the best days of our lives. We went to school with them, played  german sports and also created our own games based on the German and Indian sports as a part of our project, ‘Der Rhythmus des Lebens’ (The Rhythm of Life). We also had a lot of fun with our partners and their friends .We went for shopping , ate german food like Currywurst and went for bowling too.  We also had two days of Hiphop cum Bollywood dance workshop. Along with all the fun we worked continued to work on our games . We created rules and details such as precautions , materials  and mistakes to be avoided. We  also made a day trip to Köln to visit the Deutsch Olympia Sport Museum. We also visited the Koelner Dom .We went up the tower of the Dom (1,576 meters high).

To facilitate research for our project we got the opportunity to visit the  'Schalke Arena' (football stadium).

Finally before leaving on the 16th of May ,we had a ' Abscheidsparty' where we bid farewell to our partners ,their  families and teachers.

It was a wonderful experience in Germany . Our partners had become our best friends not only for those fourteen days but for the rest of our lives . 

Rwiti Chakraborty

Ms. Anita Mitra and Ms. Laura Diekmann from Goethe Institute Kolkata conducted an Inter-cultural workshop for our Indo-German exchange programme group. The workshop was very informative for the students and enhanced their inter cultural understanding. The students will be travelling to Germany to visit their partner schools (Gesamtschule Ückendorf, Gelsenkirchen and Ricarda Huch Gymnasium , Gelsenkirchen)  in May 2018. 

Along with language, culture of a country, plays a pivotal role in any exchange programme. Our Indo-German exchange programme students and teachers  participated in an intercultural seminar 'Fit for Germany' on 8th April 2018 at Max Mueller Bhavan conducted by Mrs. Vaishali Karmakar,Project Head - South Asia, Intercultural Management, Goethe Institute Mumbai.

It was designed to address the important issues in intercultural communication. It dealt with the general Do's and Dont's, a brief overview of the history, patterns of communication among many other things. The workshop was an enriching experience for all the students and teachers.

19 to 21 January was a fun-filled weekend as we had the privilege of attending the second International Youth Congress, held in Goethe Institut, Max Mueller Bhavan, Kolkata. It was on Sustainable Development. Each of us attended unique workshops, which were on food, personality development, awareness about the UN goals and much more. They each dealt with issues regarding environmental sustainability. Many different organisations and society workers made us aware of the problems faced by the world, and how to solve those problems. On the last day of the workshop, our parents were invited to the event, where we showcased what we learnt at the workshops. This event was truly an eye opener which made us, the next generation, aware about nature and the ways to conserve it by 2030. We want to thank our school and Goethe Institut for giving us the opportunity to take part in the Youth Congress.

Umdenken, the exhibition at Max Mueller Bhavan. The class 7 and 8 German learners visited the exhibition

The teachers and students from our German partner schools (Gesamtschule Ückendorf, Gelsenkirchen and Ricarda Huch Gymnasium, Gelsenkirchen) arrived on 15th November 2017 and will be in Kolkata till the 27th of November.

The exchange group students cooked the recipes in the school lab. The recipes were created by them and feature in the food calendar. 

The exchange programme teachers and students from Germany along with their counterparts from MHS interacted with the German language learners of class 8. They shared their experience in India as well as in Germany during the exchange programme. 

Ms Laura from Germany was invited by Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata to conduct a workshop on Food trails for our exchange programme. The students visited the local market as well as the supermarket to enquire about the food trails. They also designed food trail posters with their partners. 

10 students and 4 teachers from Germany along with the exchange programme counterparts went on an excursion to Sunderbans on 17th and 18th November for their project 'Think global live local.' They interviewed the local villagers to find out about their livelihood and how they nutritionally sustain themselves. Apart from the project work, they not only experienced the cultural dance programme put by the locals, but also the wildlife. 

he music band „Raggabund”, a Munich Dancehall-Reggae music group is performing live in Kolkata, at Vidya Mandir today. 

In order to make this more exciting for the students, Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata organized a Video-clip making competition for the young learners in the partner schools. Students in a group of two had to create a video-clip for one of the songs of the German reggae band ‘Raggabund’. 

Ishani Basak and Mayukhi Ghosh of class 9 from MHS won the competition. 

Our young german learners as well as the teachers were overwhelmed to be a part of the live concert. 

On 31 October and 1 November the children of Lower KG watched an innovative performance ‘Woodbeat’ in School. It was organised by ‘Think Arts’ in collaboration with renowned German artists. It was a marvellous show which encouraged creativity and imagination and the very young audience enjoyed it thoroughly. 

Franziska Speiser,  our intern from Germany,  has been taking German classes in the school, as well as been conducting weekly presentations followed by quiz for classes III, IV and V. Her sessions were not only fun but also very enriching and informative.

Our Deutschind members celebrated the opening of 'Oktober Fest' which was witnessed in Germany on 16th September this year. They watched videos of the ceremony and tried to imitate their folk dance, also known as the 'Schuhplattler Tanz. ' They also choreographed their own version of the Schuhplattler dance.