We have recently purchased a new school bus which has necessitated a re-look at the routes the existing buses are plying on. 

On examination of the routes and usage of the buses, we have concluded that some of our buses are disturbingly under-utilized and we must stop this wastage as soon as possible.


In a bid to optimally utilize the resources available we request all guardians interested in utilizing the school bus service irrespective of our current bus routes to fill up the table given below and mail it to us at  transport@mhsforgirls.edu.in by 15 Aug 2018 for us to plan and formalize new routes.



Ref No of Student

Name of Student

Pick up / Drop Address

Trip Required

(Please Tick in appropriate boxes)

Morning Trip

Return Trip 12.30

Return Trip 2.45










We expect the new routes to be in place by 01 Oct 2018.


We solicit your cooperation and we hope that we can not only extend the facility to many other students (who may now be residing in areas outside the scope of our current bus routes) but also ease traffic congestion by reducing the number of vehicles on the road.


Posted On : 31/07/2018