Special Book Exhibition

Lock the Box : Bookchor's Warehouse Sale is being held at the Ice Skating Rink from 15 to 18 November 2018. They have a large selection of books, both for adults and children, of many different genres.

The organizers have been kind enough to agree to open the Sale exclusively for Modern High School for Girls on 

Saturday 17 November from 8.30am to 10am – after which time it is once again open to the public. 

Monday 19 November from 8.30am to 4pm – exclusively for us.

We feel that this is not an opportunity to be missed. If you are interested please keep in mind the following :

Entry is ONLY permitted with an MHS student’s ID card.  

Only 2 persons may enter with one ID card

Books are sold ‘by the box’ (please check https://www.bookchor.com/Lock-The-Box for details ) where you pay Rs 999/- , Rs 1499/- or Rs 2499/- for a box that you can fill with any number of books that fit. Needless to say that cost per book is therefore far less.

They have also very kindly introduced a smaller box worth Rs 499/- ONLY for our students.

Students (Class V to XII) will be sent during school hours according to the given schedule:

i. Classes V.VI and XII on Saturday

ii. Classes VII,VIII , IX,X and XI on Monday

Only students wishing to make a purchase and carrying adequate funds will be sent.

Parents, specially of Primary and Junior classes are welcome to visit the exhibition on the mentioned days. Their wards can accompany them post school hours (Please use the pathway inside the school directly connected to the Ice Skating Rink)                                                     

Posted On : 16/11/2018