Hindi Elocution Contest on Hindi Diwas

Aadya Kheria studying in Class I A was awarded first prize in Hindi poem/Hindi Story narration at Rotary Sadan on Hindi Diwas 15 Sep 2018 organised by Nagori Charitable Trust. 

Class II Independence Day Celebration

Class II celebrated 71 years of Independence in a special programme organised on 17 August 2018 at the school Shed. The children put up songs, dances and skits to pay homage to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their all for a ‘Free India’.

The focus was on women freedom fighters and their impact on women empowerment in today’s modern India. Women’s contribution in every sphere to help the growth and development of India was portrayed well.

Parents were invited to watch the presentation which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.


The children of Nursery , Lower KG and Upper KG celebrated 72nd Independence Day in school on 14 August 2018.   They came dressed in the three colours of the flag. They sang patriotic songs with great zeal and enthusiasm.The students of Lower KG had also made Indian flags and tricolour wristbands.

The children of Upper KG wore traditional Indian clothes representing the different states of India. Their theme of the programme was 'Unity in Diversity' . They spread the message that we are united and proud Indians no matter which state we belong to.

The Primary department of Modern High School for Girls celebrated the spirit of Christmas with great joy and cheer. Children came to school wearing Santa caps and various Christmas headbands. The classrooms were decorated with Christmas craft made by the students themselves. The celebrations included singing of Christmas carols, picnics in the garden and delicious treats. Children brought cupcakes and decorated them on their own. The high light was when Santa Claus joined the celebrations and danced with the children. Everyone had a great time.

On the 22nd of November all students and faculty of the whole school spent 40 minutes reading together a book of their choice. The students of the junior and primary section found their own comfortable spots either in the classrooms or in the school garden to read.

Children's day was celebrated on 13 November 2017 for Class Nursery - Class II in Modern High School for Girls.Classrooms were decorated with streamers and balloons.Children were all dressed up in colourful clothes. They were taken out to the garden for various fun-filled activities. There were story - telling sessions too for the toddlers. Teachers of Primary department had also put up a dance show for the children.The theme for the same was 'Unity in diversity'. Children were awestruck to see their teachers dance on stage in colourful costumes. They thoroughly enjoyed the show.

On 31 October and 1 November the children of Lower KG watched an innovative performance ‘Woodbeat’ in School. It was organised by ‘Think Arts’ in collaboration with renowned German artists. It was a marvellous show which encouraged creativity and imagination and the very young audience enjoyed it thoroughly. 

Nursery Celebrating Independence Day

The little children of Nursery celebrated Independence Day dressed in the colours of our national flag.

The teachers had made bows out of tri coloured ribbons and the children were delighted to wear them. They had learnt patriotic songs and the National Anthem which they sang with pride at their first school function, waving the flags they had made.


Classes I and II Celebrating Independence Day

Celebrating Independence Day with Lower & Upper KG