Franziska Speiser,  our intern from Germany,  has been taking German classes in the school, as well as been conducting weekly presentations followed by quiz for classes III, IV and V. Her sessions were not only fun but also very enriching and informative.

The students of the Junior Dept. celebrated Independence Day by focusing on PEACE. Highlighting Gandhiji's philosophy, they also touched on eminent personalities whom he influenced, like the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela and even Albert Einstein and John Lennon.


Let us hope this message spreads not just to all corners of our country but also resounds around the world.

World Music Day(Junior)

This year World Music Day celebrations were to make the children aware of different musical instruments like percussion,string and wind,.

They enjoyed playing percussion instruments and beat to songs that were played. They even improvised rhythm instruments like shakers using marbles/buttons/beads etc inside decorated tins to prepare for this special day.

The junior girls spoke about the various musical instruments, sang songs and even played instruments, like the violin.