One Nation Reading Together (Class Nursery - Class V)

On Friday 24 January 2020 all students and faculty of the Primary and Junior Department spent 40 minutes reading together a book of their choice.    

Independence Day

Independence Day  was celebrated by the Class 3's this year on the 9th of August 2019, remembering the sacrifices of the great leaders who had sacrificed their lives in getting freedom for India. Hence as a responsible citizen of India the students emphasized their love and devotion to their mother nature and made everyone aware that to lead our country forward in future one should be fit and healthy both physically and mentally.

One Nation Reading Together

On Friday 30 November 2018 all students and faculty of the entire school spent 40 minutes reading together a book of their  choice. The students of the junior and primary section found their own comfortable spots either in the classrooms or in the school garden to read and be a part of the programme 'One Nation Reading Together'.

Kerala Floods

Toys were collected from the students of the Primary & Junior Department  to be sent to the flood affected children of Kerala.

An acknowledgement  and a picture arrived all the way from Kerala.

Dear Sir,
The toys from your esteemed school have reached little kids of flood affected Anganwadies in Kerala. Please thank everyone at Modern for their kindness.
Capt Ramesh Babu

Teacher's Day - Class 4

The students of class 4 put up a special program during Assembly on 3rd September to celebrate Teacher's Day. Through their narration,dance and song they demonstrated their respect, love and gratitude for the teachers.

The Junior Department celebrated 72 years of independence by focusing on our rich and varied environment. The programme started with a prayer followed by dance and music. The students took a pledge to use biodegradable products and promised to keep the country healthy and beautiful.

The children of Upper KG celebrated Earth Day on 23rd April 2018 in the school garden by planting saplings and sowing seeds. They all wore green hair bands or clips to signify that they were working towards making their planet green and pollution free.

One of the most entertaining extravaganzas that the world gets to view is the FIFA World Cup 2018.  The Junior Department of Modern High School for Girls with its enthusiasm for sports celebrated the 6th of July as the Soccer Day.

Students came in jerseys of any team that had reached the pre-quarter finals and researched on their favourite playing nations. They were shown a presentation followed by a quiz by the MHS Soccer coach Mr. Ratan Postwalla. This enriching session was also attended by the present as well as the past students of the MHS Soccer Team.

Let the football fever continue!!!

Prize Day for the Junior Department was held on Wednesday 11 April. Prizes and Certificates of Honour were given in recognition of their hard work, honest effort, academic excellence and various other co- curricular activities. It was an inspiring and motivating event.

Anna Rossié, a magical storyteller from Germany, performed Japanese fairy tales with “Kamishibai” for class 5 German students of our school as well as students from other schools of the city. The event was organised by Goethe Institut, Kolkata and was hosted by MHS.

12th January, the birthday of Swami Vivekananda, was celebrated in school. The students had prepared a Power Point on his life which was presented in the special assembly along with poems in Hindi and Bengali.

Some students of classes 4 and 5 interacted with our ISA partner school (British Council International School Awards), The Elixir School, Pakistan, through Skype. The topic of interaction was Festive Beats, where the students shared their experiences and showcased samples of various inter-disciplinary activities undertaken during the last few months for the ISA Project. 

They discussed festivals, handicrafts , clothes and even sang a few songs.  The skype interaction was not only enriching for both the schools, but also enjoyable. 

There was a special assembly presentation by the students of the junior department. They danced ,performed zumba and sang Christmas carols.

The class 4s and 5s put up an assembly presentation showcasing the Tusu, Kaikottikali and Ghoomar dance. They were trained for 2 weeks to perform these dances. 

On the 22nd of November all students and faculty of the whole school spent 40 minutes reading together a book of their choice. The students of the junior and primary section found their own comfortable spots either in the classrooms or in the school garden to read.

Franziska Speiser,  our intern from Germany,  has been taking German classes in the school, as well as been conducting weekly presentations followed by quiz for classes III, IV and V. Her sessions were not only fun but also very enriching and informative.

The students of the Junior Dept. celebrated Independence Day by focusing on PEACE. Highlighting Gandhiji's philosophy, they also touched on eminent personalities whom he influenced, like the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela and even Albert Einstein and John Lennon.


Let us hope this message spreads not just to all corners of our country but also resounds around the world.

World Music Day(Junior)

This year World Music Day celebrations were to make the children aware of different musical instruments like percussion,string and wind,.

They enjoyed playing percussion instruments and beat to songs that were played. They even improvised rhythm instruments like shakers using marbles/buttons/beads etc inside decorated tins to prepare for this special day.

The junior girls spoke about the various musical instruments, sang songs and even played instruments, like the violin.


Class III Skype Activity

On Thursday morning, 30 August, our students of Class III had an interactive session on the Skype with Class III students of JG International School, Ahmedabad. It was an enriching experience for both the schools. The students of JG International asked questions about West Bengal which our students answered and explained with interesting aids and props. It was an exciting session of exchange of information between the two schools. The words of a class III student ‘what an awesome time we had’ indeed describes how much the girls enjoyed the Skype interaction.