Day & Time: Thursday (Middle and Senior School) & Friday (Junior School) 
Teachers-in-Charge: Ms. S. Mazumdar, Ms. R. Ahmed 
Mentor: Mr. S. K. Ghosh

The students learn to play flutes,kettle drums, trebble drums and the base drum.The band performs on the Republic Day,Independence Day and the Senior Sports Day every year.


Day & Time: Friday 
Supervisors: Ms C Ganguly,Ms C Chatterjee 
Office Bearers


Day & Time: Monday & Friday 
Instructor : Mr A Chatterjee 
Supervisors : Ms S. Roychowdhury, Ms S. Chowdhury

In our orchestra classes, we play recorder higher version of flutes under the guidance of our very own mentor-Mr. Anup Chatterjee. The students are very enthusiastic about their orchestra classes as here, we learn through fun. The class is made interesting and has a completely peaceful aura where, we students get so engrossed in the music that we easily flow with the musical notes. The melodious sound of the recorder is very pleasing to our ears, lifts up our heart and touches our soul. It relaxes and refreshes our mind so that we get rejuvenated after the tiring day.


Day & Time: Monday & Thursday 
Instructor:Mr R Ghosh 
Supervisors: Ms K Shukla, Ms S Agarwal

The children are learning the basics of playing the violin. Those who have been taking classes regularly for about 2 years now play small pieces from western classical music.

Some of the girls will perform at assembly in the third week of August approximately.