Special Coaching is available for the following -


Day & Time: Thursday 
Instructor: Mr. Manik Bal

MHS introduces a Chess Club for Junior students from June 2017.

Mr. Manik Bal 
Mr Bal achieved the FIDE (Federation Internationale des Echecs) rating: 1970, at the Pilloo Modi International Chess Tournament at Lucknow, in 1999. He has participated in almost all open national level chess tournaments between 1998 to 2004 and is currently involved in chess coaching at several institutions.


Day & Time: Monday-Friday 
Instructors: Mr Kishore Mukherjee and Mr Soumitra Chowdhury 
Office Bearers

Our coaches, Mr Kishore Mukherjee and Mr Soumitra Chowdhury ably guide and nurture the children.

Mr Soumitra Chowdhury 
Coaches our Junior girls (Classes VI & VII) with enthusiasm and vigour. He inculcates the all important basics of the game.

Mr Chowdhury is himself an experienced player and has represented West Bengal at both the junior and senior levels multiple times, as well as played at all India Major Ports Championships and the Federation Cup.

He is a qualified Junior NBA and FIBA Level 1 coach who has led our sub junior team to victory in several inter-school tournaments.

Mr Kishore Mukherjee 
Has been coaching basketball for over 20 years and our MHS Junior and Senior girls for the last 10 years. He has himself represented West Bengal as a player in the junior and senior divisions and as a Coach of Mini, Youth, Junior and Senior divisions over the last 18 years.

Our girls have excelled under his tutelage, winning the Junior and Senior divisions at the WBAWB Inter School championships as well as placing as second Runners Up of the All India Reliance Basketball Championships (Eastern Region).


Day & Time: Thursday 
Instructor: Mr G Mukherjee

Modern High School for Girls, Kolkata, have karate classes from Class III to V and special coaching classes from Class VI and above.

Sensei Gautam Mukherjee , 5th Dan Black Belt, (Senior instructor from Japan Karate Association which the world's largest Karate organisation, having branches in 140 countries) conducts the Karate classes.

Our students take part in both State and Nation Karate Championships.

KarateDo literally translated from the Japanese language is the way of the empty hand. In the early days of the martial art, there were no schools, but rather the art was known by the areas which it was practicedin. Today however there are 4 major schools of karate-do, namely Shotokan, Wado-ryu, Goju Ryu and Shito Ryu recognized by various World Bodies.

The ‘Way’ of karate (KarateDo) is one of Japan’s most famous martial arts. It is an art of self-defense that, for the most part, uses no weapons, hence the meaning of karate---‘empty hand’. There are three main categories of techniques: strikes with the arm (Uchi); thrusts (Tsuki); and Kicks (Keri). There are also a number of blocks (Uke) to parry the opponent’s attacks.

KarateDo places emphasis on courtesy and moral development, and can facilitate these vital aspects of children’s education through active physical participation. Rigorous training enables practitioners of KarateDo to control their emotions, and to sympathize with pain and anguish of other people.


Day & Time: Wednesday & Friday