07th April 2018

Breaking Barriers

We began our new school year on 4th April, 2018, and I am writing my message for the year on 7th April. This is indeed unpardonable but we have been so preoccupied with new developments in addition to the usual end-of-year matters that the new session just caught us unawares. So I sat down with a sense of urgency, put my thoughts together and had them uploaded on our website.

It appears that our 67th year (2018-19) will be a landmark year in some ways. Our IB classes will be beginning and work on our new ‘green’ building will commence shortly. The Atal Tinkering Lab is expected to be operational and MEDHA will move into its second year. We are already excited about the initiatives we have thought up for the year but this time instead of just improving upon what we have already been doing we have made up our minds to break barriers.

What are these barriers? The one that our senior students wish to overcome are gender barriers. They wish to fight gender discrimination and they wish to gain more confidence to express themselves on different platforms and earn the right to be part of the policy making and decision making at home, in school and in the outside world. We realise that small girls are quite uninhibited but sadly, they are gradually conditioned to become passive and eventually they learn to keep their opinions to themselves. We must not let this happen.

The other barrier that we wish to try and demolish is this strange dependence on private tuition and an obsession with tests and exams. We want the focus to be on learning and on independent study. We will encourage our students to think about global issues and of ways to contribute to their community, country and to the planet. They must not think of stereo-typical careers for themselves – they must charter new paths.

In all this newness and breaking of barriers we will still be rooted in ‘the old and traditional’. This is the core of our philosophy. Therefore, it is not surprising that we have chosen, Learn from Nature as our theme for the year. After all, the most sophisticated of systems and technological inventions are based on bio-mimicry. 

Let us hope that with the support of our parents (without which we cannot achieve anything) alumnae and well-wishers we will continue to be a thinking, creative and innovative school which will not only break barriers but forge new paths to the future. 

Best wishes for the new school year 2018 - 19.

Devi Kar

31st March 2017

Preparing for tomorrow’s world 

Ironically, it is the breakneck speed of change in today’s world that prompted us at MHS to take a good, hard look at our basics. It certainly appears that we have to constantly keep changing and reinventing ourselves not only to be able to function efficiently but indeed to survive. However, in order to embrace change and renew ourselves, we must first ensure that our educational foundation is firm and solid. It is only then that we can freely move in any direction we choose.

In this, our 66th year, I think we can safely say that our institution has been giving its students a sturdy foundation to build upon. In fact our theme for the year was, “Building on Basics” and we demonstrated the value of “basics” in myriad ways right through the session. Now it is time to look well beyond basics and to prepare to take a giant leap forward. Achieving high grades in academics, winning competitions at fests, breaking records in sports, creating beautiful works of art, being responsible consumers of energy and serving the community are ongoing year-round occupations. These are important but not enough to cope with a fast-changing environment.

Most of our younger children will, as adults, be in jobs and occupations that don’t even exist today. We are about to usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution that will radically change the world we know. Driverless vehicles, sophisticated robots, artificial intelligence, bio-technology and genomics will bring about this transformation. Already the study of robotics has been introduced in many schools in India and in a couple of schools in our city. It is imperative for educators to recognise these signs of the times and focus on the skills that will be relevant in the years to come. Experts believe that even in a changed world some of the skills and attitudes that will continue to be valued are: adapting easily, communicating clearly and appropriately, presenting ideas powerfully, succinctly and elegantly and working collaboratively. It is not surprising that emotional intelligence, as an ingredient of success, is expected to retain its importance. Keeping tomorrow’s world in mind, we at Modern High, intend to focus even more intensely on team work, creativity, imaginative thinking and problem solving.thinking and problem solving.

Modern High School for Girls is alma mater to a long and illustrious line of worthy women who have excelled in their respective fields. We are now ready to produce not only thinkers and innovators but also far better leaders than we have today.

Best wishes for the new school year 2017-18.

Devi Kar

31st March 2016

Dear Parents,

We welcomed 2016 at School by observing our 64th Foundation Day on the 3rd of January and MHS in effect, entered the 65th year of its existence. At the end of March, as we wind up yet another academic session - and gear ourselves for the next - we realize that we have plenty to be pleased about and much to be thankful for.

While we keep changing and evolving, (hopefully for the better) we know that we have steadfastly adhered to the values we hold dear. We fervently hope that we will be able to preserve our school as a centre for true learning where young people will be given a well-rounded and liberal education. MHS must never be reduced to an institution which only focuses on preparing its students to obtain high scores in board and competitive examinations.

We believe that our work is to prepare our students for life. Every MHS student should be able to succeed in anything that she wishes to do - anywhere in the world. Our work is also to see that contributing to society remains an integral part of her outlook.

Our Principal, Mrs. Damayanti Mukherjee completed her first year at MHS in January. She has brought about important changes in different areas including teacher development and career guidance. She has been successful in having MHS declared as a candidate school for the IB course and preparations for our IBDP programme is on track.

The new ERP system has just started functioning. We have exciting plans for what seems like every single sphere of school life - from sports to music and dance, from science and technology to art and craft and public speaking.

We are very proud of our continuing education unit MACE. It is hard to believe that it has completed 10 years. New courses are added every year -Rajasthani was introduced recently- while its certificate course for training teachers is continued to be run in collaboration with the University of Calcutta. The 20th batch of teacher trainees will graduate in a few months.

Our school is enriched by its association with organizations and institutions such as the Goethe Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan, the American Center, BITM, the British Council, Save the Children, Ektara, CHIP and others.

We remain grateful to our parents for their enthusiastic and generous support at all times. Whether it is managing the traffic outside school or painting murals or taking classes, our parents have given generously of their time and expertise.

All in all we lead a happy and busy life at MHS shutting out the turmoil of the outside world for some hours everyday. It is not that we don't ponder on the troubles that the world is facing - our students and teachers are often engaged in serious discussions about current problems. More importantly, they work actively to address the impact of climate change and that of prejudice and discrimination. But we must not allow the general despondency that is pervading the atmosphere to affect us. Our students must live in hope and optimism and plan for a bright future for themselves and the world. In Gandhiji's oft-repeated words, they must "be the change" they wish to see.

Best wishes for the new school year 2016-17.

Devi Kar