'Blissfully Blytonian' was an inter school meet hosted by the Junior section of Mahadevi Birla World Academy on 31st January 2018. Students of classes 3, 4, and 5 took part in this event dedicated to Enid Blyton whose books continue to be a childhood favourite.

An array of activities fostered cognitive and kinesthetic agility among the students.In particular, the importance of amicable teamwork and compatibility were inculcated,as teams were organised by merging the participating schools. The students thoroughly enjoyed the event. All participants were given certificates and badges.

Students of the junior department participated in and won the Inter School relay held at Mahadevi Birla World Academy on 21 December 2017.

Students of the Junior Department of Modern High School for Girls came first in the Inter School Relay held at Maha Devi Birla World Academy. Mrs Confectioner was a Guest of Honour in the MBWA Annual Sports.

Jubilee 2018 was organised by Sri Shikshayatan school on 11th January.  Our students participated in Chatushkone (chess), Aakriti (painting), Prashna (quiz), Abrittir Ashor (Bengali recitation), Mudra Sync (dance) and E-boi (power point presentation).

Saanvi Fatehpuria of class 5 C and Tanishka Sinha of class 4 D won the first prize for E-Boi.

Inter School Kho Kho Tournament - Mitr was held on 23rd and 24th of November 2017 at our school grounds.

To celebrate National Book Week,workshops and various competitions were organised by the National Library on the 14th of November 2017. Some of our students of class 5 attended the Creative writing and the Craft workshop. 

Two students of class 4 participated in the story telling competition on 'My School Library'. 
Anandini Sengupta of class 4 C won the 2nd position and Suhasini Isha Basu of class 4 C won the third place.

Our students participated in Ullas, the Inter-School Festival 2017-18, organised by South Point School on the 18th and 20th November. The winners in the events are as follows:

Kwizwiz [Quiz] - 3rd Position - Srishti Dubey 5 B, Royina Chatterjee 5 B, Suhasini Isha Basu 4 C

Spell Bee [Quiz on English spellings and Vocabulary ]- 3rd Position - Shaileyee Pal 3 A, Pallavi Banerjee 3 D, Priyadarshini Nag 2 B 

Toon Time [Drawing a cartoon ] - 2nd Position - Annika Basu 3 D, 3rd position - Ajab Patel 3 B

Vibgyor,the Inter school fest conducted by M. P. Birla Foundation Higher Secondary School was held on 3.11.17.Our students participated in various events and won in the following:-

Creative hands - Jewellery making - Ananya Mishra 5 B  - 2nd Position

Chanda Neera - Bengali recitation with music- Niharika Dasgupta 5 D, Suchetna Das 5 D, Oishiki Banerjee 4 A, Medhani Mukherjee 4 C - 1st Position

Tandav - Dance competition: Theme - Shiva's creation - Vidhi Rathi 5 D, Sharanya Isha Sengupta 5 D, Niyati Agarwal 5 A, Gargi Patel 5 B, Aastha Burman 5 A, Flora G Bavishi 5 C, Shivani Patodia 5 B, Anushka Saha 5 C -  1st Position

Modern High School for Girls came 2nd in overall performance.

Inter School Swimming

Students of the Junior Department participated in the Interschool Aquatic meet organised by Mahadevi Birla World Academy on the 5th and 6th of July 2017.

Parthana Rai of class 5A won gold medals in both Butterfly and Freestyle and a silver one in Backstroke. 
Aishani Sarkar of class 5D won a gold medal in Backstroke and silvers in both Butterfly and Freestyle.

The relay team --Prarthana Rai 5A, Aishani Sarkar 5D, Saanvi Fatepuria 5C, and Tanisha Das 4D won the gold medal. 
They were the Overall Champions in the Junior Level category. 


Tell a Tale

An inter school story telling competition ‘Tell a Tale’ was organised by National High School CBSE Primary.

Department on 26.07.2017 at Uttam Manch.

There were 20 schools participating including Modern High School for Girls.

The Best Story Award was won by Piyushi Jha of Class 4 B.