Time seems to pass in a blink of an eye and before we know it, our Nursery babies move to Lower KG and then suddenly we find that they’re in Class V ! For all of us in the Primary and Junior Department there is a sense of pride and contentment when we send these little girls into the senior school and ultimately see them pass out as confident young ladies in Class XII.

It’s quite a journey and in the presentation below, we hope to give you precious insights into the time they spend in school. From class activities and projects, to excursions and inter school events, the year is packed with all manner of activity.

And right through we kept in mind the Theme of the Year – Building on Basics. While the 3R’s were constantly in the forefront of our minds we continued with our relentless hammering of the value system. Students were always made to understand the importance of being helpful and kind, of the need to be upright and honest and to always work sincerely and independently at all tasks.

In fact this smoothly blended into the theme for 2017–18: Think Design and Do It Yourself.

It is important that however young our students are they must consolidate their learning, keeping our traditions firmly in mind, yet being independent and innovative in their thoughts and ideas.

So as we look to the new academic year, let us give you a little glimpse into “The Year That Was … 2016-17”