Preparing for tomorrow’s world 
31st March 2017

Ironically, it is the breakneck speed of change in today’s world that prompted us at MHS to take a good, hard look at our basics. It certainly appears that we have to constantly keep changing and reinventing ourselves not only to be able to function efficiently but indeed to survive. However, in order to embrace change and renew ourselves, we must first ensure that our educational foundation is firm and solid. It is only then that we can freely move in any direction we choose.

In this, our 66th year, I think we can safely say that our institution has been giving its students a sturdy foundation to build upon. In fact our theme for the year was, “Building on Basics” and we demonstrated the value of “basics” in myriad ways right through the session. Now it is time to look well beyond basics and to prepare to take a giant leap forward. Achieving high grades in academics, winning competitions at fests, breaking records in sports, creating beautiful works of art, being responsible consumers of energy and serving the community are ongoing year-round occupations. These are important but not enough to cope with a fast-changing environment.

Most of our younger children will, as adults, be in jobs and occupations that don’t even exist today. We are about to usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution that will radically change the world we know. Driverless vehicles, sophisticated robots, artificial intelligence, bio-technology and genomics will bring about this transformation. Already the study of robotics has been introduced in many schools in India and in a couple of schools in our city. It is imperative for educators to recognise these signs of the times and focus on the skills that will be relevant in the years to come. Experts believe that even in a changed world some of the skills and attitudes that will continue to be valued are: adapting easily, communicating clearly and appropriately, presenting ideas powerfully, succinctly and elegantly and working collaboratively. It is not surprising that emotional intelligence, as an ingredient of success, is expected to retain its importance. Keeping tomorrow’s world in mind, we at Modern High, intend to focus even more intensely on team work, creativity, imaginative thinking and problem solving.thinking and problem solving.

Modern High School for Girls is alma mater to a long and illustrious line of worthy women who have excelled in their respective fields. We are now ready to produce not only thinkers and innovators but also far better leaders than we have today.

Best wishes for the new school year 2017-18.

Devi Kar