A stress-free yet stimulating learning environment and acknowledging the uniqueness of every child

MHS is perceived as a school which blends tradition and modernity. It combines Indian and other cultures in an interesting mix. Its well integrated student population comprises children from different communities and socio economic backgrounds.

The school has an established reputation for academic excellence and for providing its students a wide range of co-curricular activities. Its curriculum is dynamic with sports and games, communicative skills, health and value education, environmental studies, community service, art, aesthetics and life skills woven seamlessly into the school programme.

The teaching-learning process is not text book oriented. The focus is on enquiry and creativity rather than passive learning and aggressive competition. MHS boasts of a system that recognizes personal attributes such as integrity and diligence in addition to talent and achievement.

MHS respects the uniqueness of every individual and tries to provide a stress-free yet stimulating learning environment.


Truth, beauty and compassion

To empower students to initiate or participate in activities local and global, which will promote peace and happiness – locally and globally - in the spirit of satyam, shivam, sundaram


Commitment to excellence

To maintain its stamp of excellence while progressing continuously as an institution.To provide a stress-free yet stimulating environment which offers everyone in the school community opportunities to develop her full potential as a unique individual and to learn to be a team player.