Seniors - VI to XII

Notice for Clubs / Special Classes

Withdrawal forms MUST be submitted by 31st March 2020. Only hard copy to be submitted at the school reception and the tear-off acknowledgement slip must be retained.

To continue an activity or take up a new one in the session 2020-21 a joining form must be submitted.
The joining form will be available through Senior School and Junior School tabs on the School website from 01 March till 30th April 2020. 

Details of fees/advisors/schedules and club attendance rules are also available as above. 

The joining form, duly filled should be submitted within the following dates:
i. Classes III to IX: 14 April 2020.
ii. Class XI (ISC & IBDP): 30 April 2020.              
              Forms will not be accepted after the deadlines indicated.
              Fees are non-refundable. Non Submission of Withdrawal form within due date will lead to fees being charged for the new session.
Acceptance into clubs/classes:

i. Will be done on the basis of auditions/trials/first come first served, as applicable.
ii. Those who were part of a club/activity in the previous session will not be required to go through the selection process.
iii. Once expelled, an applicant will not be reconsidered for the same club/class.
An email will be sent to guardians informing them of acceptance of their wards into respective clubs/classes ( in case of new activity only) Do not allow your daughter to stay back for any club/ special class activity if you have not received the said e-mail from school.

A student is entitled to participate in maximum of two clubs. She may join special classes additionally.

Club and special class activities will commence from 8th April, 2020.

85% attendance per term is mandatory. Inadequate attendance will lead to removal from club roster and find mention in end-of-year report card. 

Junior - Club Advisors

Junior - Special Class Advisors

Club Joining Form 2020

Club Withdrawal Form 2020

Details of Special Class Advisors