Biscwich Fun

Making Sandwiches with Biscuits! Class 1s call it 'Biscwich', a fun activity children enjoyed doing in class.

Lower KG - Art Activity

The 'Little Artists' of Lower KG exhibited their drawing and colouring skills during the Art Activity which was conducted in the MHS garden area on the 14th and 15th of February 2019.

It was  wonderful to see how meticulously they worked to create magic on paper.

Class I : Making sandwiches

Lower KG students had a session of Summer Time Stories

To beat the heat in a most joyful manner, a 'Splash Pool Party' was organized for the students of Upper KG. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience. They splashed water on each other and also tried to wet a few onlookers !

Children of Lower KG and Upper KG enjoyed their ‘ Phuchka’  and ‘ Bhelpuri’ parties. They brought boiled potatoes, spices and herbs and made the mouth- watering snacks in school. It was a great learning experience for them as they not only learnt about the ingredients that went into the making of the delicious dishes but also the joy of sharing  and working  in teams to create some happy moments.

Class V students did a few science experiments in class I, explaining some basic scientific facts. It was an interesting learning programme which the class I students enjoyed thoroughly. 

The 'Little Artists' of Lower KG demonstrated their drawing and colouring skills during the Art Activity in the MHS garden on the 8th and 9th of February 2018. They had to draw and colour an underwater scenery that included jelly fish and turtles and octopuses. It was interesting to observe how well the children drew keeping in mind the different sizes of the sea creatures. The children were very happy to be out in the garden enjoying the pleasant morning doing one of their favourite activities.

The children had a Christmas party in the class. They made a savoury (using pizza sauce, cheese etc) & a dessert (using  chocolate/ jam with colourful garnishing) with cream cracker biscuits.

Class I Activity : Writing and posting letters is fun!

Christmas time activity by class 2

Class 1s learning Geometry in a happy way.

Children enjoyed making the little booklets by sticking and drawing pictures of the food and non food gifts we get from plants.

Class II Science Project

The Class II children were taken to the Bio lab to see a real skeleton & models of the organs inside our body as a part of their class project. It was a great learning experience for the children.