Assessment - Formative, Summative & Continuous


There are two academic terms in the school year. A report is issued to all students at the end of each term.

A policy of continuous evaluation is followed comprising Formative and Summative Assessment.

Tools include:


Individual and Group Presentations

Oral work


Written Tests and Formal Examinations

Class IX – XII have two sets of formal examinations in the year.

Class VI – VIII have one formal examination at the end of the year.

There is no ranking. However the Class Average and Class Highest Grades are mentioned to indicate the student's performance in relation to the rest of the class Students are encouraged to improve upon their own performance and better their own record instead of competing with one another.

Aggregate/Total or Average of all subjects earned by the student is not shown in the Report or calculated. The purpose is to encourage students to perform well in all subjects.

“Improvement Tests” are administered if students perform below par in any assessment.

Achievement in academics is encouraged in many ways. Prizes and certificates are awarded for

General Proficiency

Sustained and marked improvement through the year

Excellence in different subjects.