Sports Day - Upper KG

Sports Day will be held on Saturday 9 December 2017 at 9.30am.


All students must be in school by 8.20am sharp in their respective classrooms. 

Important : School bus service will NOT be available.


They must wear their drill outfits – red shorts, drill skirt and whiteT shirt (tucked into the skirt), with white ankle length socks and white keds. They need to wear their head bands with a flower.

(No stockings, leggings or long sleeved inners are to be worn)

All other clothes and equipment are to be labelled and brought neatly packed in a bag.


Please remove your daughter’s cardigan before she enters school.

All water bottles must have the student’s NAME and CLASS clearly written.

They may bring some light and dry tiffin with them.


Parents are to use Gate 5 (near Bengal Stores) to enter and MUST show their invitation card at the Gate, without which entry will not be permitted. Only ONE person is allowed entry per card. 



Please carry the student’s Identity Card for smooth and safe dispersal.

Dismissal for all classes will only be after the Sports programme is over as follows:

  • Upper KG B, C & D students may be collected from their respective Classrooms. Dispersal route will be in the normal manner.
  • Upper KG A students will be in their Class Rooms. Parents are to please join the Nursery line on the field outside the Nursery Classrooms. (a teacher will be there to guide you) Once you collect your ward please exit in the normal dispersal manner.

     Important : There will be no school bus for the return journey.                


We request ONLY ONE PERSON to collect the child while the other waits outside. 

Posted On : 06/12/2017