Parent Volunteers

You are probably aware that we have a number of Parent Volunteers who help with traffic management outside our school. They have made a noticeable difference and we are keen to include more volunteers so as to have a larger impact.

The police have made a special and urgent request to us to facilitate a smoother flow of traffic. We would therefore like to increase our pool of volunteers to assist across the road too, which will automatically decrease the pressure in front of the school gate.

Attendance is required only once a week from 8am to 8.30am. We would be most grateful for your help.

If you agree to volunteer kindly reply to this email with the following details


1.       Name of Parent _________________________________________________


2.     Daughter’s name   ______________________________  Class ________Sec ______


3.     Preference of day________________________


4.     Contact No.      __________________              E mail    _______________________


Posted On : 09/11/2017