Python and Research (PyaR) tutorial (UCSC Group)

Python and Research (PyaR) tutorial (UCSC Group)

Thanks to Professor Raja Guha Thakurta 12 of our students have enrolled for the PyaR tutorial course this summer.

The Python and Research (PyaR) tutorial covers the basics of Python computer programming via a series of six Jupyter notebooks that are derived from the astrophysics data analysis software tools used in an actual 2015 scientific journal article abut the Andromeda galaxy published by Professor Raja Guha Thakurta's former PhD student at the University of California Santa Cruz.  Professor Guha Thakurta  and his students developed the tutorial by replacing key lines of code in the Jupyter notebooks with coding instructions.  Participants are expected to recreate these lines of code as they work through the tutorial.  Students can go through the tutorial at their own pace without instruction.  The UCSE group will be providing remote mentoring sessions for interested students via Zoom videoconferencing.  The sessions will include Q&A on Python issues and will cover the key astrophysical concepts that are relevant for the tutorial.

The main learning goals of he PyaR tutorial will include  :

*  Basics of Python programming via Jupyter notebooks

*  Structure of a scientific journal article

*  Some basic astrophysics concepts

*  Some relevant mathematical and statistical concepts

*  Explanations from the same people who are involved in this research

Posted On : 09/04/2019