Bird WalK

Bird WalK

A 'Bird Walk' was organised by the Clean Club of MHS on Saturday morning 01 February 2020.

A small group of students and teachers including Mrs. Kar, our Director gathered in the garden by 6 am.

Mr. Abhijit Das and Mr. Avisek Banerjee, noted birders of our city and a parent, Mr. Anandamoy Sengupta joined us.

About 25 different species of birds were spotted.  the striking new entrant this year was the 'Shrkra', a bird of prey.  Another new bird was the 'Pale-billed Flower Picker'.

Like every year, it was an enjoyable and enriching experience for all.

it was beneficial having Mr. Das and Mr. Banerjee with us.  Their expertise and vast knowledge of birds helped us identify the birds and their calls.

The walk ended with an interesting powerpoint presentation by Mr. Das who spoke about birds and the different types of migrations dotted with amusing anecdotes.

Photo credits to Mr. Anandamoy Sengupta.

Posted On : 03/02/2020