World Cup Soccer Day - Class V

World Cup Soccer Day - Class V

On Friday 6 July 2018

Students of Class 5 may wear their PT shorts / skirts along with the jersey of ANY Country that has reached the Round of 16 at the World Cup. If you do not have the jersey you may wear ANY T Shirt in the Team Colour. ( these do NOT have to be purchased )

Students MUST know the names and following information about all 8 teams in the Quarter Finals

1. Flag

2. Currency

3. An important river / mountain ( if there is one )

4. Captain of the team 

5. Any important player

6. The capital of the country

7. Head of State of the country

8. Any interesting place of interest in the country

9. Any  interesting fact about the country

10. Translate the following in the local language of the country you like the most and hope will win

         Goodmorning. I am ………. from ……… (name of country)

          We will win !

Posted On : 29/06/2018