Traffic Control

We are indeed fortunate in having the assistance of a band of Parent Volunteers. You may have seen them in MHS sashes helping children out of their cars every morning and escorting them to the school gates. To ensure the smooth flow of traffic and reduce the congestion at the gate especially when it rains please keep note of the following : 

1. Please allow the Parent Volunteer to assist your daughter out of the car and on to the pavement.

2. Your daughter must sit on the kerbside.

3. She must be ready with her belongings to disembark as soon as the car stops.

4. If it is raining ensure she has on a raincoat. Her hands must be free if she wishes to use an umbrella.

5. Please leave the lane along the centre of the road free for traffic that does not have to stop at the school gate

6. Students of the primary & Junior dept may be dropped off as close to the main gate (no. 4) as possible but cars with older students should move closer to Gate No. 5 before stopping for students to alight.


Posted On : 19/06/2018