Reports - Classes III to V

Report Cards for the Junior Department will now be in digital format.

These will be sent to the Guardians email ID as per our school records.

On Wednesday 3 October a test email will be sent to this ID. IF you do not receive the same kindly check the following:  

a.  Log in through the Guardian Portal on our website and check whether the email recorded is an active one. 

b.  As multiple mails are fired simultaneously, your mailbox could be detecting these as spam. If you find the mail in the spam folder, go to settings and allow mails from this email id.

c.  As we are sending the school report, the attachment size could be more than the maximum file size permitted by your mailbox.  Kindly check the same

d.  Most offices have restrictions on the type of mails / attachments being received by its domain subscribers. These filter out mails. Those who have official email ids as the registered email id in our system may like to change the same to a personal email id. 

e.  Kindly make sure that the term fees have been cleared for your ward. Report cards are withheld if this has not been done. (this is not applicable for the test email) 

Therefore if you have not received the email and none of the above are applicable to you, kindly send an email to  and our IT Department will look into this and solve the problem as soon as possible. You must state your daughter’s name, class, section and Reference number.

Posted On : 28/09/2018