Class Photographs

Class Photographs will be taken on the following days :

·         Tuesday 28 November :      Class IV A, B, C & D  and Class V C & D

·         Wednesday 29 November : Class III A, B, C & D  and Class V A & B

·         Thursday 30 November :     Class I A & D and Class II B & D

·         Friday 1 December :            Class I B & C and Class II A & C

Please ensure that your daughter is neatly attired in a clean, ironed school uniform with ankle length white socks and polished black shoes. No stockings / leggings / tights / long sleeved Tee Shirts etc are to be worn.  Hair should be neatly tied using only black hair bands, clips, etc.

If you would like a copy, please send Rupees fifty only in a sealed envelope, with your daughter’s name, class and section clearly marked, on Monday 27 November 2017.

Posted On : 23/11/2017