School Timings        

Classes  III – VI  :  08:30 am – 11:40 am 

(Buses will leave from school at 12.00 noon,

Classes VI will disperse from the Bengal Stores gate) 

Classes VII, X – XII  :  11:45 am – 02:35 pm

(Entrance  :  Bengal Stores Gate) 

(Buses will leave from school as usual at 02:45 pm) 

Students who use the school bus may avail of the school bus service at the normal time in the morning.  However, they will be required to sit in the Waiting Area till 11.45 am.

Classes VIII – IX and volunteers on duty  :  08:30 am – 02:35 pm 

All students may wear suitable coloured clothes on this day.

Posted On : 10/11/2017