Heat Wave

We have been experiencing an unusually hot spell in the last few days, so this morning we had a meeting to decide on the actions we would take to cope with these unexpected conditions.  

School will remain open but parents may keep their children at home if they choose to do so.

Students have been already instructed to:

*  Keep water bottles on the table and drink whenever required. (class III up)  Additional drinking water is also available in school.

*  Carry a handkerchief to wipe the perspiration and if necessary splash water on their face and neck.    

*  Morning soccer and basket-ball practice have been temporarily suspended.

*  There will be no strenuous PT classes. Children will be kept indoors except when the shade of the trees in the garden is preferred to the oppressive heat inside a classroom. 

*  They may wear caps if they want.

*  For this week they will not wear their karate uniform

May we also request you to 

*  Send tiffin that will not spoil.

We are sure we will be tide over this as we have done in the past.

Posted On : 19/06/2018