The Lower KG children went for a ride in the school bus on 14 July 2017. It was perhaps a new experience for many children.
The teachers played the role of tourist guides and pointed out the important places of interest such as the Victoria Memorial, Princep Ghat, Vidyasagar Setu, Fort William, Howrah Bridge, National Library, Eden Gardens, Governor's House, GPO, All India Radio, Race Course and the Zoo.

Spotting the elephant in the zoo from the window seat of the bus was perhaps the most exciting part for the children.

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Class II Science Project

The Class II children were taken to the Bio lab to see a real skeleton & models of the organs inside our body as a part of their class project. It was a great learning experience for the children.

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World Music Day

The Pre- Primary Department celebrated World Music Day on 21.6.17 with much enthusiasm and joy.The little ones of MHS tuned in together to celebrate the magical gift of music either by playing the toy instruments with great passion or by dancing.

Since this musical event was on the same day as International Yoga Day, the nursery students also did Yoga along with music. It was an amazing experience to see these little ones celebrating World Music Day.

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