Famous Alumni Felicitated from 2008 onward


2016   17 Srilekha Mazumder Srilekha Majumder - Class of 1969. She is a member of the Academic Planning and Development of the School Division of Maharashtra and the Academy of Educational Research and Engineering, Pune.
2016   17 Dr Rosina Ahmed Rosina Ahmed - She is a founding doctor of West Bank Hospital in Howrah.She set up the Breast Oncoplastic Surgical Sevice at Tata Medical Centre and hold's a specialist's post there.
2016 17 Dr Sreeradha Datta Sreeradha Datta - Class of 1983. She is the Director of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies.She was the youngest woman to head a major government research institute in the country.


2015 16 Kanika Mitra Kanika Mitra - Class of 1967. She is a well known psychiatrist.
2015   16 RASHMI Poddar Rashmi Poddar - Class of 1966. She is the Director of Jnanapravaha, Mumbai.
2015   16 Maneka Sarkar Maneka Sircar - Class of 1998. She is India’s first woman magician.


2014   15 Prof Anindita Adhikari Anindita Adhikari - Class of 1976. She is a Professor at University of California , Berkeley ( Dept. of Statistics ). Distinguished Teacher Awardee.
2014   15 Kavita Poddar Kavita Poddar - Class of 1966. She is a floral artist of international acclaim.
2014   15 Anuradha Lohia Anuradha Lohia - Class of 1972. She is a molecular parasitologist. She is the Vice Chancellor of Presidency University, Kolkata.


2013   2014 Tapati Guha Thakurta Tapati Guha Thakurta - Class of 1974. She is an Art Historian of international acclaim. She is currently Director and Professor of History at the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences,Kolkata.
2013   14 Chandralekha Poddar Chandralekha Poddar - Class of 1965. She is well known for her effort to preserve and promote Indian Heritage.She was the founding member of the first hotel restoration project in India in 1990, the Neemrana Fort Palace Hotel, Rajasthan. She is an art collector of international repute.


2012  13 Madhusree Mukherjee Madhusree Mukherjee - Class of 1978. She is the author of Churchill’s Secret War.It relates how Winston Churchill and his war cabinet used Indian resources to fight the Second World War, provoking famine and insurrection in Bengal.
2012  13 Bimbavati Devi Bimbavati Devi - Class of 1994. She is a renowned Manipuri dancer.
2012   13 Abanti Gopan Abanti Gopan - Class of 1971. She is the Founder President of Asian Nurses’ Federation.


2010   11 Prof Ananya Roy Ananya Roy - Class of 1988. She is a distinguished Chair and Professor at the University of California, Berkeley.
2010   11 Vinita Jain Vinita Jain - Class of 1979. An entrepreneur of international acclaim, she is the founder of 'Biotique'.
2010   11 Rakhi Sarkar Rakhi Sarkar - Class of 1964. She is the founder and director of CIMA - Centre of International Modern Art.She established the Art and Heritage Foundation.
2010   11 Aparna Sen Aparna Sen - Class of 1964. She is acknowledged as one of India's most celebrated directors.Her films have been widely acclaimed , nationally and internationally. She was awarded the Padma Shri in 1986.
2009   10 Ruchira Gupta | Ruchira Gupta - Class of 1982. She is the founder of 'Apne Aap Worldwid'. She is an Emmy Award Winner and has also received the Clinton Global Award for her social work.

2009   10 Vinita Saraf | Vinita Saraf - Class of 1982. She is a social worker. She is the co-founder of the NGO 'Ek Tara'.

2009   10 Vijaya Mukherjee | Vijaya Mukherjee - Class of 1964. She is in the Committee of 'All Lovers of Animal Society' , the Society for the Preservation of Monuments and Woodlands Hospital & Research Institute.
2007  8 Alka Yagnik | Alka Yagnik - Class of 2008. She is a renowned playback singer.

2008  9 Alokananda Roy | Alokananda Roy - Class of 1969. She is a well known dancer and works tirelessly for the rehabilitation of the inmates of correctional homes.

2008   9 Priti Patel | Priti Patel - She is India’s leading Manipuri dancer; She is a researcher and pioneer in Dance Therapy.
2007   8 Anuradha Das | Anuradha Das Class of 1973. She has done her Doctoral Studies in High Energy Nuclear Physics.

2007  8 Mukta Nain | Mukta Nain Class of 1975. She was appointed the Headmistress of the Junior Boys' School and in 2001 she became the first lady Principal of Birla High Boys' School.
2007  8 Nandita Chaterjee | Nandita Chatterjee - Class of 1974. 1st Ad District Magistrate, IAS officer. ||